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About Anarchy Linux

About Anarchy Linux

Anarchy Linux is a distribution aimed at bringing the Linux revolution to the world. We believe that Linux is the way of the future for desktop computing and provide you with a platform to install a custom Arch based operating system just the way you like. Anarchy Linux is intended for both novice and advanced users alike. Simply write the Anarchy Linux ISO to a CD or USB and boot from your computer or VirtualBox.

The Anarchy Linux ISO contains a full live system allowing you to try it before you install. The live system contains an XFCE4 desktop and software suite. The installer has support for multiple languages and offers a wide variety of configuration options. Every aspect of the install into consideration, leaving you with a fully free system, just the way you like it out of the box every time.

A lightweight semi-graphical version of the installer is also available. It can be used for a quick and easy install when a full live GUI is not necessary. Anarchy Linux is installed using a package base from the official Arch repository and also features a custom repository with additional packages.

Anarchy Linux is based on Arch Linux, but not supported.