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Anarchy Linux replaces Arch Anywhere

Arch Anywhere is no more due to a potential trademark violation pointed out by the Arch Linux(TM) team. I have decided to remove the name “Arch” entirely and go in the direction of my own Arch Linux(TM) based distrobution called Anarchy. The installer will remain the same and will still offer a full Arch base install with additional packages offered from the Arch official repos. The name Arch Anywhere will be migrated entirely over the next few days, along with the logo (new logo is now up).

We’re planning to do the first official release of Anarchy Linux sometime in the next 2-3 days which will include the same arch anywhere installer everyone knows and loves, and also some other big and exciting changes which have been in the works to make Anarchy Linux a distro in its own right.

Good things are happening and I see a bright future for the new distro. Check back soon for information on the new release