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Arch Anywhere 2-2-3 released

Arch Anywhere 2.2.3 has fianlly been released. This release features many changes and fixes improving the over all usability of the installer and speeding up the process. I’ve added the budgie desktop to the installer, as well as the option to install a list of 6 different pre-configured command shells. This release also features support for PPPoE internet connections and a few additional packages added top extra software.

Along with updates to the script I’ve also created a custom unofficial pacman repository (Arch Anywhere Repo) allowing users to install some pre-compiled packages. This includes: arch-wiki-cli, fetchmirrors, pacaur, & yaourt. More packages coming soon. If there are any custom packages you would like to see added to the repo let me know.

I’ve also removed support for syslinux with MBR BIOS boot due to a bug I can’t seem to figure out. Syslinux support remains only when using EFI boot. The next release of Arch Anywhere should feature the Chinese language as I’ve been struggling to get this feature working. More to come soon.

– Dylan