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Arch Anywhere 2.2.4 has finally been released

Arch Anywhere 2.2.4 has finally been released and contains many enhancements and bug fixes to the installer. Full syslinux support has been added back for both BIOS and uEFI boot. I have also addded support for systemd-boot when using uEFI only. I have also added the option to select your display manager when installing any desktop / wm. You can now chose from lightdm, gdm, lxdm, sddm (default lightdm). I’ve added the xf86-video-nouveau open source nvidia driver as well as support for DRM KMS when using the latest nvidia drivers.

Fixes have been made to auto detect graphics drivers based on your chipset manufacturer and in the case of Nvidia is able to determine if you need the latest drivers or legacy (340xx, 304xx) based on the chipset PCI ID. this removes any confusion when selecting graphics drivers. The mirrorlist select menu now contains option for all mirrorlists as well as all https mirrorlists. I’ve also made some changes to Arch Anywhere XFCE4 (shown in photo).

Overall this is a pretty big release and addresses som major issues found in 2.2.3. Development continues and I will be trying to update the ISO once a month. As always feel free to let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions, or bug reports. Enjoy this release and keep using Arch.

– Dylan