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Arch Anywhere 2.2.9 Released

We’re pleased to announce the long awaited release of a new major version. Arch Anywhere v2.2.9 has finally been released.

This release introduces a plethora of new features to the installer, including new software, bug fixes, and improvements to flexability.

One of the more notable changes in this release is the addition of a “Server” menu in additional software. Users have the ability to install a fully enabled LAMP or LEMP stack ready to serve a web page out of the box.

Software included in “Server” menu: (apache, bind dns, cups print server, lighttpd web server, nginx, openssh, postfix, samba, squid, vsftpd).

Steam has been added in the “Games” software menu. Installing steam requires enabling multilib and will prompt the user if it hasn’t been done already. Steam runs out of the box without any issues (as seen in screenshot).

Some other additional software has been added as well including: (ntfs-3g, mariadb, postgresql, python, php, windowmaker WM, oh-my-zsh)

Updates have also been made to the Arch Anywhere XFCE4 Desktop. An option to install “AA XFCE Extras” has been added, this will install a full desktop suite including: firefox, libreoffice, gimp, gparted, parole media player, atom text editor, and some other additions programs).

The desktop wallpaper has been changed to a more clean look (as seen in image). Updates have also been made to the menu, as well as desktop icons enabled by default (to disable desktop icons: right click desktop / click “desktop settings” / click the “icon” tab / set “icon type” drop-down menu to “none”).

Other notable changes to the installer include the ability to auto update mirrors by country code or to manually edit mirrorlist. This allows the user to have more control over the mirrorlist prior to install, or to skip updating mirrors.

Users now have the ability to choose their prefered zshrc file when using ZSH as the default shell. The options include: Default (original AA zshrc), on-my-zsh (oh-my-zsh plugin + zshrc), grml zshrc, none.

Update made to connection check function allowing users to run installer with ipv6 only connection.

The XFS File System has been added to formatting options.

Added ability to specify full name along with username (ex. username: foo | full_name: Foo Bar).

Included kernels: vanilla arch kernel, arch LTS kernel, hardened kernel, zen kernel.

This is undoubtedly the best release yet. Although it has been a few months since a major release development has continued on the scripts with many thanks to the community on github. Big thanks to Catalinn Catalin for keeping up with updates and Travis Brown for providing a means of hosting.

Translators are needed to update translation files recently added strings. If you’re able to translate a few lines and interested in helping out feel free to let us know. Information can be found on our github page: