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Arch Anywhere New Website Release

The new and improved Arch Anywhere website has been released and is still under active development. I’ve spent many hours over the past few days entirely re-designing the entire look and feel of the site.

The new site now features an active forum, still also under active development. Many more changes will come over the next few days. Feel free to check out the forums and sign up for an account. Features fully custom arch anywhere theme

I have also added an arch-anywhere custom unofficial arch repository for users to install precompiled AUR packages from. This will allow me to enable the ability to use OpenRC as an init system alternative to Systemd (by user request). Also will enable me to add some other precompiled packages from the AUR including all arch anywhere utils

An active news feed along with a content page are now featured. Changes and updates are being made by the day, the site is still in the development phase as of 2016-06-25 but I figured its good enough to make live

Stay tuned for the changes to come!

– Deadhead