So you’ve decided to contribute to Anarchy Linux, that’s great.

There’s actually quite a few things you can do to help this project, so just pick the one that suits you best and start collaborating.

Submit code

You’ve probably checked out the project at this point, but you’ve found that we forgot to add a feature you’d really like to see. Most of the project is written with bash scripts, so if you are already familiar with bash, you can get right on with contributing.

If you don’t have any experience with bash or need a refresher, check out devhints‘s bash cheatsheet.

For beginners there are even more good news, we use good first issue and help wanted tags, so you can find some great issues you can help fix right here. Of course you can help fix any issue, those are just the ones we recommend to new contributors.

Style guide

  • Follow bash best practices (Google them)
  • Use “${variable}” instead of $variable
  • Use double square brackets (“[[ condition ]]”) for conditionals
  • Use 4 spaces for indentation instead of tabs
  • Use “#!/usr/bin/env bash” as a shebang
  • Write good comments where needed
  • Use different error codes when exiting (0 for proper exit, 1-* for error exits)

If you need help remembering commands or want to check out some tips visit to do so.

Update the documentation

Maybe you don’t know how to code or don’t want to contribute code. That’s ok, we appreciate other kinds of help too.

If you’ve found a typo in our readme or want to help create a wiki, please do.

Translate the project

Anarchy Linux, although a relatively simple project, still has a bunch of languages included, all of which need contributors. So if you see a language, which isn’t 100% translated, or even think a different translation would be better, go right ahead, translate and submit a pull request, some Anarchy user will be very thankful for your work.

Test and report bugs

Even if you don’t feel comfortable contributing directly, there are still some options for you. You can try the installer, either on your own computer or in a virtual machine and report back any bugs you may have found. We will try and fix them as soon as we can, but don’t expect immediate responses.

This doesn’t apply only to bugs though, we also accept feature requests, although depending on your wish, they might not get accepted.


You can easily see that there are a lot of options for you to contribute to Anarchy. Feel free to try any one of them, but please create an issue if you wish to add a big feature, so its inclusion can be discussed and your work won’t be for nothing if it does not get included.

And one last thing:

If you’re afraid of contributing, because you think you’ll mess something up or something like that, remember that we are all humans, who make mistakes, and your work will be reviewed before being merged, so you will always get feedback and help fixing any problem.

Happy contributing!