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Boot Loader support for non-/dev/sda installations

Good Afternoon,

And thank you for the project. I needed to move a machine from Mint to Arch this afternoon and gave your installation a try.

It all went well up until the bootloader install. The install script did not ask me which drive to install the boot record to. It assumed that /dev/sdf1, which was my install drive, was also my boot drive (/dev/sdf) which it isn't.

The bootloader obviously failed.

I would like to suggest adding some logic in your install script to ask the user which drive to install the bootcode to, for those of us with multiple HDD's in our systems.

Otherwise, the install went well.

Sincerely and respectfully,



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Re: Boot Loader support for non-/dev/sda installations

Same! I'm not alone after all!
Hours of frustration big_smile I was starting to think I knew nothing about boot processes after all...

I have a drawing tablet without keyboard attached. So in order to be able to choose os I simply (bios) use grub on sd card(sdb) to redirect to sda5, if I eject the card it boots to sda4(win).  Well that usually works, until I decided to try arch, and found this awesome installer. I have been struggling to get sda booted using the setup I just described.

I'm now installing arch e. On the sdcard(sdb) hoping it will recognise sda. Well one time I succeeded by not installing grub I think.. Dunno,Been two days.. Getting woozy
EDIT: it worked!
1. Install arch whithout grub
2. Install other os (and thus grub) on 'that other' disk
3. Walk around a little, ventilating your excitement

I will stick around whatsoever because I feel i've come home to the mother of all os's.

Humbly and thankfully,


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