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Thinkpad Support

Hello guys,

yesterday i know that this proyect is made.
So i decided to remove my archlinux install and use this to test.

I have to say, that this is an amazing work. I buy a x230 in the couple of weeks and after the install all work out of the box.

But i dont see too much scripts or configs, or maybe a support for thinkpad users.

I suggest to bring a tool that for all of users laptop, and maybe more to the thinkpad. Have a step to install for example:
- Powertop (and why not, calibrate and configurate to work out of the box(
- Thinkfan
- thermald
And other things that made a laptop work very nice and you have to configure one by one to work well.

Thanks for made archlinux Anywhere

Greetings from Argentina.

PD: I dont know where are the translate section, but i have time to help to the translation part if its need.


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