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Site Admin CLI

I'm creating a web content management system written entirely in bash. I'm calling the project site-admin and it is a way to manage and update content on a website from the CLI. site-admin is currently in the development stage and much is left to do but the goal is to create a simple script which not only allows the user to manage a site, but create one as well.

All files are managed and interacted with by site-admin. The HTML & CSS is pre-written and also still under heavy development. I am currently able to add articles to my site (like the one I'm writing now) with site-admin. I simply write the article and my scipt takes care of adding the content to my site and updating/adding entry to all necessary HTML files. In addition to publishing articles site-admin is also able to add and manage packages in the Arch Anywhere Package Repos.

The arch-anywhere domain and content management tools are still under heavy development but much progress has been made. I plan on releasing site-admin code on github soon as it is currently working flawlessly. This article was published to the site using site-admin and I have created a small package repo under 'Packages'. I will soon share how to access this repo using pacman and release the code to site-admin as well.


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Re: Site Admin CLI

Is this going to be something like a static generator ( like jekyll or hugo )  but using bash? Be interested in giving it a try out when ready,


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Re: Site Admin CLI

Yeah, it sound interesting! I actually had a similar idea of my own. But i never got around to it..


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