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[Changelog] Arch Anywhere


- added translation packages for firefox and thunderbird
- added support for auto partitioning software RAID
- added kde apps localization (dolphin..kde apps)
- added bleachbit
- added nvidia drivers for LTS kernel
- added nvidia utils
- added additional budgie themes
- added gnome-terminal to cinnamon
- added italian language
- added hungarian language
- added AA Openbox configuration

- xchat removed. Doesn't exist anymore in archlinux

- fixed vmware-tools requirements
- fixed properly get the device name by a given partition
- rewrite part_menu
- optimized the fdisk commands
- update software add function
- and other bugs
- fixed systemd-boot and syslinux on LTS
- i686 support removed


- added opera
- added octopi in AAR repo
- added pamac-aur AAR repo
- added downgrade in AAR repo (bash script to downgrade packages)
- added function to detect if is a notebook to install powerdevil (power management) on plasma minimal.
- added NVMe and MMC support
- added multimedia codecs (gst-plugins-bad gst-plugins-base gst-plugins-good gst-plugins-ugly ffmpegthumbnailer gst-libav), in Multimedia software.
- installed by default: pulseaudio pulseaudio-alsa alsa-utils
- install bash-completion when chose bash
- portable Arch Anywhere (you can run the script inside of vanilla Arch Linux ISO). More info here
- fixed manual partition bug (by pnedkov)
- many bugs fixed smile


- added polish language
- added systemd-boot
- added Nvidia card detection to intall the corect driver
- added option to install only LTS kernel when select LTS.
- added intel microcode
- fixed syslinux installation in MBR
- fixed UEFI timeout boot issue
- fixed swap bug when chose 4G and not 4096M


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