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[] Invalid sed output when installing zen kernel


I've been installing arch using both cli v1.0.1 and gui v1.0.0 yesterday and I had an issue where the installation failed when running pacstrap on my system.
Using the logs I was able to narrow it down to the generation of the base_install variable in when $kernel is not "linux".

In such a case, the code being executed is this one:

				base_install="$(pacman -Sqg base | sed 's/^linux//') $base_install"

The issue with this is that the actual pacman output without the sed yeild a package called "linux-firmware". The sed then removes linux and the script ends up with an entry named "-firmware" inserted inside the base_install variable. Following an error in pacman which states the -f flag option is not supported.

I was able to workaround the issue by patching the script as follows:

				base_install="$(pacman -Sqg base | grep -v linux-firmware | sed 's/^linux//') $base_install"

Which worked since linux-firmware gets installed anyway. However this does not seem like an ideal solution. I was wondering if this command should not be like:

				base_install="$(pacman -Sqg base | grep -v linux) $base_install"

in order to leave anything kernel related out of the way at this stage since relevant packages have already been added when selecting the kernel at previous step. But I was not able to test it properly.

All-in-all, it seems that the current codebase does not support anything else than the stock kernel due to this sed command. Please let me know if you need further information on about to reproduce the issue.

Best regards.


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