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Installation failed due to bad mirrors - suggestion on how to fix

Hi - I ran the installer today and it kept failing with the error "Failed to commit transaction (unexpected error)". I did some digging and found out that this error could be caused by downloading from an un-synced mirror. I'm located in Israel and that's the country I chose in the beginning of the installer.

I solved the issue with the following steps, immediately after booting the ISO.

$ pacman -S reflector
$ reflector --latest 20 --sort rate --verbose --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Then I commented the updatemirrors call in the install script:

$ nano /usr/bin/arch-anywhere

updatemirrors --> #updatemirrors

Afterwards I ran arch-anywhere and everything went perfectly. Admittedly the download was a little slower but it worked.

Point is, maybe it'd be better to have the ISO come pre-packaged with reflector and have it take care of the mirror updates... Also, I don't really see the importance of choosing mirrors within one's own country - as long as they're in the top 10 or 20 most recently-synced and the download speed is reasonable, does it matter where they are? As you can see I created a mirror list that had nothing to do with where I was and everything went beautifully.

Regardless, the script is amazing - I found the manual installation process wonderfully informative and instructive but nothing beats automation. Keep it up, mate smile


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Re: Installation failed due to bad mirrors - suggestion on how to fix

I am writing my above comment in answer this answer.

I solved this issue- Actually the problem was with "internet connection", i was using a net connector or e-stick (TATA PHOTON+) to connect with the internet, but when i used the broadband my problem get solved.


see : , ,


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