Anarchy Linux

We'd like your feedback


My name is Erazem and I’m a fairly new contributor to the Anarchy Linux project and the author of this website.

Like (hopefully) most of you reading this, I really like the project and as a beginner in open source I wanted to contribute to it. Since I only know a bit about bash scripting I haven’t been able to contribute much actual code yet, but that didn’t stop me from contributing altogether. And it shouldn’t stop you from contributing either.

If you know how to code in bash that’s great - find an issue you like and help fix it, or even add a feature you’d like to see in Anarchy.

If you don’t know how to code there’s still a bunch of things to do - fix typos in the README, update the website or help translate the project.

If you can’t see yourself doing any of those things, you can still help us in other ways:

Test the software and report bugs


Give us feedback on the project:

As you can see there really are a lot of things you can do to contribute to this project and we would really appreciate it if you tried doing at least one of them.

Enjoy your experience with Anarchy Linux :)